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On July 31, 2023 Grace-Mary won the 2023 Able Artist Foundation track contest for disabled composers and musicians with her orchestral piece, "Snowman Flight." 


In June 2023, Grace-Mary was on a panel "Fostering Safe Spaces In the Workplace" at the Video Game Music Con in Puerto Rico as part of the Female Composer Safety League. She spoke about the importance of allyship in the music industry and how to make music studios safer for everyone.


Grace-Mary Burega graduated from the Berklee Online Masters of Music in Film Scoring program in June 2022, where she was awarded Student of the Year for Outstanding Graduate Student.

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Grace-Mary Burega was interviewed alongside Nomi Abadi for a Team Talk on "Reshaping the Landscape of Media Music: The problems of a toxic past and how we can create a better future" hosted by Kenny Wood. Topics included gender safety and equality in the scoring industry, safe studios, mentors, and allyship. Here is the full video.

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